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Our Services

A) Consulting Services:

We provide consulting services in the following areas

    • Locating the land suitable for development of pistachio and almond farms, including soil and water analysis:
      From our vast years of experience in locating suitable farmland and our unique knowledge of farmlands in Kern County, Tulare County, Fresno, and Madera County (collectively, the “Service Areas”), we are able to assist potential purchasers in analyzing the suitability of development of pistachio and almond farms in the Service Areas. Due to our unique local expertise, we are able to provide a detailed and reliable soil and water analysis for our clients to evaluate the suitability of their contemplated projects.


  • Cost projections on development of farms:
    Since 1993, we have successfully developed and managed various new and existing farms. Our development and management expertise allows us to provide our partners/clients with cost projections on the development of new, as well as existing farms. Our cost projections are designed not only to yield maximum return from the land, but also to address the unique needs and expectation of each business partner and/or client.

B) Development and Management:

    • Custom farming services:
      Our experience in farmland management allows us to provide custom farming services tailored to meet the individual need of each farm development project. Our services include: Ripping, planting, spraying, discing and mowing.. Due to our local experience and relations with local vendors, we are able to provide high quality custom services at competitive costs for our clients.


  • Joint Ventures:
    Our expertise in farmland development/management and team of professionals make us ideal business partners in farmland development projects. Based on our unique knowledge and expertise, we are able to structure unique farmland projects designed to yield maximum returns, and deal with various complexities in development and management of farmlands. We have engaged in various successful joint ventures with other business partners in developing farmlands, and continue to expand our operations through active participation in new development projects with existing and new business partners.

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