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Repair Signs

Sign Service and Repair is our bread and butter! Whether your sign be LED, Neon, Illuminated Channel Letter, an Electronic Message Board, a Pole sign, Pylon sign, Monument or Building sign, we are here for you

Do you have burned out bulbs or worn out ballasts? We got it. Are other electrical components malfunctioning? We can take care of that too. Is the sign face cracked, faded, or busted? We’ll replace it.
The K Bell Signs Inc offers professional indoor and outdoor sign repair and sign maintenance services. We provide a broad range of electrical and non-electrical sign repair and maintenance services, including preventative, proactive, emergency, and planned programs. We are licensed contractors and are able to repair and service just about any type of signs.

@ K Bell Signs Inc. We offer the best possible planned available for maintaining your signs, from cleaning and health checks to resolving enlightenment problems.

Our maintenance team will handle your calls correctly and efficiently to ensure you are being seen clearly.


Your sign is the marketing tool that never stops working for you. When your sign is not working, your customers are left in the dark. K Bell Signs Inc. is here to light their way with sign repair services.

Standard Sign’s Repair

Over time the elements can take their toll on external signs in high traffic areas. Whether we built and installed your sign, or another company did the job for you, we are always happy to repair any problems you might be facing with you signs. Most repairs can be made very quickly and would mostly have no disruption to your regular business operation.

K Bell Signs always operates with an emphasis on safety.

Our service technicians are very well trained to identify problems quickly and to deliver fast, precise service to get your sign back in shape. Our truck drivers carry an inventory of commonly used items to repair your sign; often reducing the need for a second service trip to obtain necessary parts.