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Petrochemical & Natural Gas


The Oil & Gas Division of M Chemical Company has been supplying catalysts, adsorbents and chemicals to the global Oil & Gas industry since 1966.

Petrochemical & Natural Gas: Overview
We supply Catalysts, Adsorbents and Chemicals to Oil Refineries, Gas Processing and Petrochemical manufacturers worldwide. Our products and additives help make processes more efficient and cost effective.

We realize our industry is global and highly competitive — that’s why we offer, not only a superior line-up of products, but we also provide a high level of technical support, value added services and un-matched QA/QC. Our customers appreciate our consistency and get value from the continuity of service we have provided since 1966.

Our production is global but our supply is local.
We are a leading supplier of ceramic & alumina catalyst support balls. The DURAMAX™ brand is known worldwide for its superior quality and rigorous QA/QC.

Our High Void Bed Topping/Grading solutions provide pressure drop relief and high value to catalyst and adsorbnt vessels in various applications.

DRYAMAX™ Molecular Sieves and ACTIMAX™ Activated Aluminas offer superior performance backed with many years of technical expertise, technical support and value added services.
M Chemical’s Natural Gas & Propane Odorants have been used by 100’s of customers since 1966. We provide every type of odorant, in every type of packaging from the smallest odorizer to filling bulk tanks via our fleet of highly specialized odorant delivery trucks and dedicated odorant delivery technicians.

We also provide high performance products such as Mercaptan Oxidation Catalysts, SynGas Catalysts, Solid Phosphoric Acid (SPA) catalysts, UNISOL™ Liquid Dyes, PURAMAX™ Purification catalysts, and many others.

Our production is global but our supply is local as M Chemical products are stocked locally throughout the world.

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