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George Maragoluf

I George Maragoluf In the Year 1980 started TV program by the name of Assyria National Broadcasting which it was the first Assyria language TV program, in San Jose California. It was on air twice a week on De Anza College Access TV until 2001. In 1983 because of people demand I expanded my show to Los Angeles and Turlock, and in 1998 I was the first Assyrian to broadcast my TV show worldwide on Satellite Via Pars TV and Appadana TV.

The program was not active after I moved to Los Angeles in year 2002. It remained inactive until 2014. In Aug 7TH 2014 we started the program again under the name of Assyria Today Network.
At that time there was an urgent need for the Assyria community to establish a nonpartisan broadcasting facility especially due to the presence of ISIS in Middle East and more importantly because of dangerous conditions in our homeland… Since then the Assyria Today Network has been serving the Assyria community world wide with latest news and incidents concerning our beloved nation, and by also bringing in and interviewing important personalities of Assyrian heritage, including scholars and political leaders from all over the globe.

At present we are on the air three times a week, on Tuesdays live at 10.00 p.m. Pacific time, Fridays 3:00 pm Pacific time on PARS TV, and on Saturdays 2:00 p.m.Pacific time on TASVIRE IRAN.

If it becomes necessary we can add another hour to our programming. We are now in the process of organizing a 24 hour channel on satellite.

All these programs can be watched regularly on the Internet, by going to Youtube, Facebook and or by going to


Assyria Today Network Team.

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